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Clash Hacks is going to be India's largest student-run independent hackathon which is coming to town in March, 2017. It is bound to witness a stupendous set of developers from all over the nation battling it out for glory and amazing hackathon swag. An entirely independent event, Clash Hacks expects a whole hearted support from the open source and tech related world in order to be able to meet expectations of the affiliate members of the hackathon culture.


  • All Platforms and Developer Environments (Web/Mobile, iOS, Android, Windows Phone, Hardware)

  • Proper documentation and pitch explaining your hack is required.

  • Submissions should be ready by March 26th, 2017


  • Goodies and In-kind Prizes worth 2L.

  • Incubation for all the winners.

  • SWAG. Lots of it. Wow.

Judging Criteria

  • Innovation - What makes your hack stand out from the crowd? Is it something entirely new? Does it solve problems using a completely new approach?

  • UI/UX and Design - Is it easy to use? How steep is the learning curve? Do all features work together seamlessly? Is it appealing to the eye? Is the user experience pleasant?

  • Functionality - Will people actually use this app? Does it satisfy an existing real need? Are all the features practical?

  • Technical Difficulty - Has the hack overcome any technical challenges? Is it technically sound and interesting? Is it merely an add-on to an existing API? Has the hack justified the 30 hour time period?