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About hSociety

We are a group of passionate hackers and community enablers who :

  • empower hackers to organise and attend cool hackathons around the country. Whether you are organising your first hackathon or the tenth edition of your annual one, we could help you with something or the other to make it better.

  • try and create the ideal learning environment so that hackers can make the most out of their experience. As seasoned hackers, we know what brings the most joy to hackers and try our best to deliver that.(SWAG obviously)

  • believe that hackathons are changing the world for the better and should be encouraged in all possible ways. We are trying to start the first ever hackathon league here in India to lead the hackathon revolution from front.

  • believe that developers should be rewarded for attending hackathons in terms of getting better job opportunities. We help hackers land cool internships and jobs based on the credibility they build for themselves at hackathons.


We provide a lot of cool resources to hackathons for free to make sure that the event is a great success which includes :

Promotion and listing on website

On-site support and mentorship

Sponsor introductions.

Organiser suite and dashboard

SWAG for attendees. Lots of it.

League rankings and feedback.

Check out the complete list of resources and apply here.

We help organisations reach out to a filtered set of developers and provide them various services which includes :

Branding among developers.

Recruitment assistance.

Product/Service Promotion.

API/SDK challenges.

In-person product feedbacks.

Improving adoption rate.

Check out the complete list of resources and contact us here.

Absolutely not. You just need to apply here to get listed on our website and get visibility among our developer coummunity. We don't charge our events anything.

We even send details about your event to seasoned hackers who have attended our previous hackathons to increase your visibility and outreach.

Not really. We collaborate with multiple student organisers and corporates for conducting hackathons. We provide a lot of our resources, networking and guidance in organising the events though.

However, we do organise certain hackathons ourselves under the Clash Hacks series we started so watch out for that.

Attend Hackathons

ClashHacks 2.0

After a tremendous success with our first event, we are back with yet another one. Clash Hacks 1.0 was India's largest students-run, independent hackathon and we are back with something bigger this time in Patiala on 15th April, 2017. The event is bound to witness amazing developers from all over the country battling it out for glory and amazing hackathon swag. Are you game ?

ClashHacks 1.0

A place where the only thing limiting what you build is your own creativity. ClashHacks is one of the biggest independent, student run hackathon organized by university students just like you. Team ClashHacks welcomes everyone, from first-timers to full-stack devs, from beginners to hardcore coders. Nothing is naive, everyone is welcome.