NASA apps challenge


NASA Space Apps challenge is an international competition that will take place simultaneously in over 170 locations around the world. Participants, from various different professional backgrounds, come together to form a team and solve challenges proposed directly by NASA. These challenges are focused on creating an impact on the life here on Earth as well as in Space.

How can I register /participate?

Register here. Registration is completely FREE OF COST. Though there is no mandatory requirement to form a team but we recommend you to form the one for you having members with varied skill-sets (depends on the challenge you pick up). This will only help you to innovate better and without much overload. After all, bringing together very diverse skills and talents is often a key to breakthrough innovation!

Event Details

Venue : 91springboard
Event Starts : April 29th 9:00AM (EAT)
Event Ends :April 30th 7:00PM (EAT)


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